Friday, 24 February 2017

5 Ideas You Can Use To Promote Your Brand Effectively

One of the 3 "Ps" of authority brand positioning is Promotion, which involves deciding what messages to use to support your brand as well as how those messages will be delivered. Promoting your brand involves creating awareness, influencing the perception of your brand, and managing its reputation. Promoting your brand also includes using the Personality you develop to enhance your promotional activities. Promoting your brand should emphasize and reinforce the brand image you choose to represent your business. When you are considering broader marketing activities, you want to make sure they are consistent with the image you want to portray.
Here are 5 ideas you can use to promote your brand effectively.
1. Don't just "sell" -- TELL. Fancy promotional copy won't be as effective as examples, testimonials, endorsements, case studies and results. Wrap your fancy promotional copy around real results to put your brand face forward in its best light.
2. Connect your brand to your customers' wants and needs. Use checklists to help your customers determine if they are being served effectively. Infographics, blog posts and videos can help deliver education to help both customers and prospects learn more about how your brand can help them.
3. Build partnerships to help build trust with both customers and prospects. Partnerships that link your brand to another quality brand can build trust faster and elevate the perception of your brand.
4. Brand promotion should be "," and "" promotion does 3 things:
  • It should help your customers and prospects Recognize your business through your brand. Use logos, graphics, taglines, and creative marketing tactics to create awareness so your brand is recognized and stands out in a crowded marketplace.
  • It should help your customers and prospects Remember your business through your brand. Continue to use logos, graphics, taglines, and creative marketing tactics to reinforce your presence in the marketplace.
  • It should stand for the Respect you share with your customers and prospects. A highly trusted brand reputation is an extremely valuable competitive edge, and maintaining a strong reputation should be the goal of your brand promotion and messaging.
5. Consist communication in brand promotion is key to brand momentum. Communication goes beyond your promotional messaging; it also encompasses "little things," like how your telephone gets answered, how the business responds to customer complaints, and how the brand's image is managed on social media. Create a brand promotion plan, update it regularly, and follow it religiously.
Jan Sandhouse Hurst, the Authority Mentor, shows business owners, service professionals, entrepreneurs and experts how to use her signature marketing formulas to attract more clients, generate profitable leads and create killer authority positioning. Jan has taught hundreds of individuals and businesses her creative strategies, systems and solutions that pay off.